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We may be something small but this South African boutique agency makes brands a big deal! We work with the most innovative and aspirational brands in fashion, hospitality, corporate and lifestyle. Work with us from wherever you are in the world. Afterall, social media never sleeps!

Our name says it all! We have a holistic approach to Social Media: sharing our experience, expertise and sweet passion for Social Media. After working with us we promise: engagement from new audiences, maximised exposure from all (the best) angles and less stress for our clients!

What we do


If you’re craving something social, leave it to us to whisk together the perfect social media batter: a hearty sprinkling of words-so-sweet, heaps of images-so-swell and additional bits and pieces to help your brand rise! Bring your brand to life through the influential power of social media with our help. Rest assured, we’ll take care of everything: 

  • 4-6 social media posts a week for any two social media platforms
  • A monthly content calendar
  • Automated content scheduling
  • Copywriting 
  • Paid advertising campaigns 
  • Influencer management 
  • Monthly analytics to track your ROI (Return on investment)


The nitty-gritty maintenance:

  • Meeting either in person or via Skype/FaceTime
  • Content pillar curation
  • Collaborative content planning 
  • Content creation (Ad-hoc services to be pre-approved & included in final invoice)
  • Approval of content calendar
  • Analytics: discussion & feedback.

Add a sprinkling of something visual to give your brand some extra finesse, we’re happy to cook up a photography or videography shoot for you! Give your flourishing brand a sweet face with our half or full day shoots. We’ll whisk up content to send your way in no time.


Your brand has a name, face and a personality…what about a warm coating to show off! Give your brand a website (a home!), logo and graphic aesthetic to be remembered. Contact us to bring your sweet ideas to life and share your brand with all your followers on social media!


Be sure people are actually glad to have your brand in their inbox! We’ll stitch together the perfect email marketing scheme so your brand can say a short but sweet “Hello” to the people who need to hear from your brand. We’ll free up more of your time by:

  • Setting-up an account 
  • Updating and curating mailing lists
  • Creating templates
  • Writing the emails, of course! 
  • Presenting analytics for discussion & feedback

A cake is hard to sell if nobody knows how it tastes. Influencers give your brand a tiny boost and let just a few more people see who you are and what you do. Leave it to us (and some popular influencers) to do the following:

  • Finding influencers to compliment your brand
  • Contacting and contracting influencers with what is expected
  • Requesting analytics from the influencer
  • Receiving the content from the influencer 
  • Executing the content across social platforms

Cakes only rise in the perfect environment! Paid advertising puts your brand in the right places, at the best times. Bring your brand into the sights of the customers you ultimately want. Sounds complicated? That’s why we’re here! Don’t worry, let us mix up the perfect paid campaign: from the selection of your preferred audience to executing the campaign, we’re on it!

Video content creation

Take a look at some of the video content we created for our clients