Social Media Strategy - The right content to the right audiences at the right time.

By Something Social


Our Social Media Strategy Package is an (approx.) 4 week Social Media strategy, refresh or setup service and includes:

  • A comprehensive Questionnaire where we work with you to understand the ethos and driving objectives behind your work, your brand, your existing platforms and services and your potential target market.
  • Strategic Consultation and Report where we devise the best approach to your social media activity i.e. strategic audience targeting, advertising, content streams and campaigns.
  • Social Media Account Setup (or refresh) where we implement the above strategic planning via your social media platforms to get your presence looking professional and conveying your key messaging and values. This includes 2 custom built squeeze pages apps designed to:
    • get your content out there with a sample download for followers
    • obtain email addresses to simultaneously build your subscriber base
    • showcase your product and directly link to your purchase pages 
    • be consistently branded with your website so you look professional
  • 7-day demo Facebook posting schedule to guide you on what to post on social media, after having taken into account your business, manuscript, messaging, branding, services, products and other content. This is designed to equip you to continue your social media activity effectively with the know-how to achieve success and is uploaded into a content calendar that you can then continue to manage yourself (so you'll always be organised!).

At this point you will have everything you need to continue your social media posting and community growth on your own. Beyond this, we also have Social Media posting subscriptions in case you would like some further assistance with your content creation.

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